Trips and Visits

Educational visits take place for all year groups from Year 1.  Many visits aim to inspire the children in a practical way about current topics of learning and others are to build confidence and have fun together.

Recent Visits

Some examples of recent visits have been to Ely museum, to an animal farm, to a local lettuce farm understanding the whole process from growing a lettuce to when it arrives at the supermarket and to many other areas of local importance.

Camping Out

In the summer, Years 3 & 4 camp out in the Whitehall garden in the school tents and enjoy a barbecue and a sing song before bed. They work as pairs putting up the tents, preparing the dinner, tidying away and making sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.

Residential Trips

Years 5 & 6 spend 3 days at a residential trip to Grafham water where they experience a combination of land and water-based activities and have a thrilling time trying new activities.  The children enjoy sailing, raft-making, high wires, mountain-biking, canoeing and sleeping in dorms after a good meal.  Last year, they also visited London for a trip to the Science Museum and the London Eye.