Testimonials for Whitehall Independent School, Cambridge

Parents: Why is Whitehall Special?

Whitehall is simply wonderful. From the moment we came to look around the school we just knew it was the right choice for us. Our girls are always eager to go to class in the morning which speaks volumes, and at pick up time are bubbling over to tell us what they have done that day. The staff are friendly, caring and dedicated to the school and the children. Our girls are thriving and are encouraged to be polite, kind, confident and to have a thirst for learning and getting involved. I suppose what sums up Whitehall school is that they have created a nurturing, caring environment like no other school, where everybody from top to bottom feels valued and important and is encouraged to reach their full potential.
Clare Petrou, Parent
It has been so hard not to write a huge essay on why I feel Whitehall is so special, I find myself singing the praises of the school and staff on a near daily basis to all or any that will listen.
I feel that Whitehall is more of an educational family than a standard school, the mutual respect and support that the school offers covers all ages and abilities, allowing the children to excel as a team and individually.
Mia Bramford, Parent
Whitehall is special because the teaching staff take an holistic approach to the development of our children; they genuinely care, they know the idiosyncrasies that make each child special and establish and nurture a hunger for learning right from the start. We have been welcomed wholeheartedly and cannot imagine our children being at school anywhere else.
Nicky & Hugh Phillips, Parent
…..it’s everything school should be.
Emma Purches-York, Parent
We think Whitehall school is so special because of the genuine interest and enthusiasm of the staff and the way each child receives individual attention. We have seen a massive difference in our child’s confidence and happiness. We cannot praise the school highly enough!
Sylvie Walsh, Parent
Whitehall is so special because of the small classes and nurturing environment. Every child is made to feel special.
Karen Clare, Parent
Whitehall is special because the school has a really positive energy and atmosphere which allows pupils to thrive both educationally and pastorally. Our children love going to school and are excited and challenged by their learning.
Bronwen Raynor, Parent
Whitehall is special because of the caring and nurturing environment that is set up so perfectly by the wonderful staff. Children can grow in confidence, ability and independence and cannot fail to thrive and succeed in all that they do.
Victoria Walker, Parent
I was treated to a fantastic example of why Whitehall is so special over the weekend, as the foundation parents & children came together to celebrate some birthdays within the class. In response to your question ‘Why is Whitehall so special’ I give the following answer:
Whitehall offers a unique sense of family and community for both parents and children alike, where everyone is treated as a valued member and where individual aspirations are realised.
We cannot stress enough how Whitehall has already delivered for Charlie, offering him the sense of extended family and space to grow that we idealised when we were considering school options for him. He has settled in beyond our expectations and we are very much looking forward to seeing him develop with you. It’s also wonderful that we have found within this, our own sense of community, with all the parents busy forging friendships and support networks as we have done this weekend.
Lauren Kisby, Parent