Our World

The importance of children understanding the world around them, not only in their immediate vicinity but globally is fundamental to their ability to succeed and flourish as they become adults.

Local & Global

We develop this understanding within the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities, constantly asking ourselves if what we are providing is relevant to our children today.  They will enter a world which is constantly changing and opening up into a global community through the spread of technology and information and we feel it is our responsibility to help them be prepared.

We take part in many local community activities, some with the Somersham Church such as Harvest Festival and Remembrance Sunday and others with the Somersham Parish Council, for example where we helped to plant the local community orchard and donated our Jubilee Royal Oak Trees for future generations to enjoy.

On a global level an example of some of our activities has been to cook and taste foods of the world, invite visitors to speak of their experiences in countries around the world and learn new cultures and languages such as Spanish, Italian, Mandarin & Japanese.