Juniors at Whitehall School are encouraged to become independent individuals whose problem-solving skills and academic abilities are progressed through a stimulating and extended curriculum.

Confident Learners

A wide variety of teaching methods promote high academic standards as well as the enjoyment of learning. Our aim is to develop confident learners who take a proactive approach to their own education and feel secure enough within the classroom environment to take risks in order to further their knowledge and understanding.

Diverse and Exciting Curriculum

We offer a diverse and exciting curriculum where the Core and Foundation subjects are enhanced by the provision of a variety of extra curricular activities including Poetry, News Club, Tag Rugby and Fashion Design. We ensure that our children are equipped to become 21st Century citizens and develop the technological skills they need. We aim to foster within our Junior children a curiosity about the world and to provide opportunities for them to gain real-life experience of this through trips further afield and by inviting in expert visitors.

Personalised Learning and Assessment

We continue our individualised approach to assessment and reporting in the Junior years, carrying out carefully planned formal assessments at regular points throughout the school year which lead to the formation of personal targets aimed at helping children to progress at their own level and pace, allowing them to reach their potential.

Transition to Secondary School

We work closely with pupils and their parents as consideration is given to Secondary Transition, offering advice as to the right choice of school and then carefully preparing each child for entrance tests and interviews. We recognise that this is an important decision which requires sufficient forethought and begin discussions with families during Year 5.

Pupil Responsibilities

As children progress through the Junior classes, they are given increased responsibility to share in the running of the school. Our School Council meets on a weekly basis and is chaired and managed by the Junior pupils. Our three house captains take a lead role in the organisation of inter-house sporting competitions and our prefects work to support our Head Boy and Head Girl in assisting staff at key school events.