Children learn through experience by taking part in carefully planned activities which are fun and practical. They establish a secure foundation in literacy and numeracy skills to become confident, independent learners.

The Curriculum – Firm Foundations

The Infant curriculum places a strong emphasis on English and Mathematics. In English lessons the children cover essential comprehension, grammar and phonic skills within a variety of activities that also draw upon their creative and imaginative natures. Each week, the children read individually to their class teacher as well as enjoying reading with their peers in a guided group. Handwriting and spellings are an additional aspect of the curriculum that are taught throughout the school.

In Mathematics, children are encouraged to be kinaesthetic learners and experience numbers in a meaningful and contextual way. We place great emphasis on using and applying number, as well as understanding shape and measure. Children are exposed to all this in a fun, investigative and practical way.

At the end of key stage 1, your child will have secured firm foundations in both English and Mathematics and will be confident in the skills they have acquired.

The Wider World

Children’s knowledge of the wider world is enhanced through specialist subject teaching in Science and Humanities; their ability to communicate confidently in French is developed further and we allow ample opportunities for creative expression through Art, Design, Technology and Music. We firmly believe that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind and Physical Education, including swimming, forms a key part of school life.

Holistic Approach

In small, nurturing classes the children foster strong relationships and friendships. Teachers work closely with children to look after their social and emotional wellbeing. We want to equip your child with valuable life skills and help them to independently develop their social choices. We use circle time to reflect upon and discuss personal and social issues.

Tailored Learning

It is through detailed formative feedback that children here at Whitehall are able to take ownership and responsibility for their learning. Each child receives a curriculum that is tailored to their individual needs. Children are aware of their targets and know the steps they need to take in order to progress. Children are continuously given opportunities to close gaps in their knowledge and build upon what they have learnt.

Our approach to assessment and reporting to parents strongly emphasises our commitment to individualised learning. Through our innovative Individual Performance Programme, we have in place an ongoing cycle of meaningful assessment, target setting and communication with parents which allows for effective and consistent progress at an appropriate level and pace for each individual child.