Individual Performance Programme

Whitehall School’s Individual Performance Programme sets targets for each child and progress is monitored and assessed by class teachers, Heads of department and the Principal.

A Unique Individual Approach

Our class size allows us to cater for the specific needs of each child.  Children’s achievements and performance are shared with Parents through consultations throughout the year to ensure a partnership which enables children to get the best support both at school and at home. As targets are met, they are continually reviewed and where they are not met, support is given.  In this way, each child can work at their own pace and we are able to offer a unique individual approach to their academic and personal growth. Gifted and talented children are stretched and challenged by a differentiated curriculum within the classroom.

Specialist Support

We are able to offer some one-to-one support through our SEN department for children with particular needs with the possibility of additional specialist support being arranged in school time at an additional cost.