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Jasmin’s dolphins

Do you know which animal possesses a median notch, melon, beak and flukes? The answer rather unbelievably is a dolphin, Jasmin’s favourite animal. Her presentation ran through the main features of the mammal and stimulated an interesting discussion about sonar and how dolphins use echo location in a similar way to Atlantic fishermen trying to [...]

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David’s Rabbits

David presented a thoughtful and interesting piece about his new rabbits, who will be arriving soon to inhabit the empty hutch! He told us all about their habits, particularly their diet and what is poisonous to them. Do you know which of the following plants are dangerous to rabbits? Dandelion Daffodil Rhubarb Foxglove Cow Parsley [...]

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History and Ethos of Whitehall School, Independent School, Cambridgeshire

History & Ethos Whitehall School is a proprietorial family-run school which was established in 1983 with the aim of providing an alternative to the larger maintained or independent schools in the area. Its founders believed that with small class sizes and a maximum number of pupils in a setting, the children would have the opportunity [...]

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